More on Needlework

Needlework is one of humanity’s oldest handicrafts, dating back as far as we have used fabric and thread to stitch clothing and fashion necessary objects for our homes. Needlework is practical, whimsical, grand, homely... whatever its use requires and its maker desires. For centuries, decorative needlework served as one of few creative outlets available to women, a way to socialize and share knowledge, and a means for anyone in any position in society to develop a skill and style uniquely their own.

Where once inspiration and expertise abounded, craft trends over the last 50 years or so have largely left the needle and thread behind, and until very recently, it has been hard to find needlework patterns designed to reflect modern sensibilities. But times are always changing, and today there's a groundswell of new, contemporary stitchers looking for options that express their creativity.

Look no farther! Budgiegoods needlework kits are designed for those who want projects they can get excited about working on and displaying in their homes. You won't find budgiegoods kits at the chain stores – they're not mass produced for the mainstream market. They are designed, test-stitched and assembled one at a time in my home studio, because making things with my own two hands is what I love to do.