All My Peeps

Isn't this guy the cutest?


I've been excited to make him for weeks. I've been wanting to learn needle felting for a long time, and when I saw a felted peeps class on CreativeBug I knew my moment had arrived.

I bought a ton of supplies. Amazing colorful wool roving and some gorgeous wood tools... I'm a little bit enthusiastic that way. I had six beautiful Easter-y shades of wool, so I was going to make six super cute little peeps for my son's basket.

I made one. It took me over three hours (almost half a night's sleep!) and caused a number of minor injuries. It turned out really cute – I love it, and more importantly, my son loves it – but I fear it is fated to be an only peep. Because lo and behold, I discovered that I don't really like needle felting all that much.

Kind of sad.

But you know what? That's just how it goes sometimes. 

If you have flirted with the joys of craftiness, you probably understand. If you have walked down the aisle and promised to love, honor and obey your craftiness, then you definitely understand. How often do you swear something's going to be your Next Big Thing, only to try it and discover it's much harder than you thought? Or that you have absolutely no skill whatsoever in that particular area? Or it's kind of physically painful (when they warn you about how sharp felting needles are, they're not kidding), too technical, messy, time-consuming... whatever. 

Ah well. That's just how it goes sometimes. Because part of the joy of making things comes from appreciating how truly wonderful it is to find those few you have a real affinity for. Like true soul mates, they can always be counted on to keep you company and spark a little passion, and are especially good at helping you show off your best self.

As for all the rest, I believe there's great value in following your curiosity and trying new things, no matter how they turn out. I don't think it's cheating to enjoy some harmless banter with a new little cutie you just met at the craft store. Your true love knows you'll be back.