Checks and Balances and Speed Bumps


I remember learning about how our government works when I was in grade school. The concept of checks and balances. Sounds like a good plan... put in a whole bunch of speed bumps and road blocks and detours so that as few dangerous and rickety contraptions as possible make it down the side streets and out into the main thoroughfares. It's funny, but we take so much pride in coming up with an idea that just happens naturally in the real world.

I think about the incredible amount of time and effort it takes for an entrepreneur to get a product from idea stage to reality stage. The ideas come fast and furious – it rains, hails, ideas regularly. But to move forward you have to navigate all the checks and balances set up by our good friend reality. Most decent ideas make it over the first speed bumps pretty handily. Is this really as cool as I think it is? Will anyone else agree?

Sure, why not?

Then come the road blocks. So, what's it going to take to make this work? What's it going to cost, where's it going to happen, who's going to do it? What's the bottom line look like?

Er. Let me get back to you on that.

And then the detours. It just takes so long to get all the details of the doing done – all the bits and pieces that take an idea from a picture in your brain to an actual product in someone else's hand. 

I get tired just writing about that part.

I think every creative person, every small business person, is shocked and dismayed initially by this rocky process. It takes a while to realize that life is just like that when you want to make something happen – there's the big idea, and then there's the huge mountain of work needed to make it so. I've known a lot of small business owners and it's never been easy for any of them.

I would never discourage anyone from believing in their own ideas and starting down the path to making them real. It's a lot of work, a lot of crazy. But sometimes you just have to take that road, bumps and potholes and all. 

Because the ideas keep coming, and some of them are pretty good.